Project : "Green schools, Cleaner environment, Healthier life"

Goal:  Developing Cross Border network of  environmental education in Primary schools

The project is executed from September 2013 (18 months) in 16 primary schools of the cross-border area,eight primary schools respectively from the both countries  and is part of the  IPA Programe for  cross-border cooperation.                                        

The project involves education to improve the situation in primary  schools of both countries  , through teacher training and development of small environmental projects in order to increase their knowledge and practical skills for dealing with problems of ecological character.

The project focuses on three environmental issues: water, waste and    energy savings.

We believe that direct couching and guidance, open debates and discussions ,practical actions through small competitions awards  will empower pupils and teachers,thus further on their community ,with information and awareness materials and will directly impact their friendly behavior .

   Environmental  Actions on three topics

 Water, Energy and Waste