OXO was created in 1998 with a mission to change social paradigms, and vision for the Republic of Macedonia as part of the Euro-Atlantic institutions. We believe that our country can achieve these goals in the medium term with sweeping reforms in critical sectors and develop individual awareness of their rights and obligations to their country and to the communities in which they live.

Regarding the implementation of its activities , OXO holds educational and experiential expertise acquired in the field of project management , especially when it comes to :

  •  Complex promotional, informational and public educational campaigns , which include a series of segments such as: media relations , organization and management of public events , direct marketing , advertising and publicity , media marketing , TV and documentary production , use of new technologies and the like ;
  •  Educational programs or short-term projects which include : selection and elaboration of educational methodologies , curricula and the necessary educational resources , as well as their dissemination , training of educational personnel , complete organization and running of courses , symposiums , seminars and workshops ;


The Mission of the organisation is the education of the community with sustainable and functional knowledge on the issues of biodiversity and environment to raise their capacities so as to ensure a behaviour of European standards, to respect regulations for the utilisation and safefuarding of the biological asset of our country. This mission will be accomplished through interactive trainings, study visits and scientific studies in the ground.

General objectives include:
  • Environmental awareness of the public with the focus of all strata of the society
  • Education of the community groups (school, farmers, local authorities, CSOs) through trainings to raise the capacities in the field of environmental protection and biodiversity.
  • Promote public, NGO participation in decision making process.

Methods of work include but are not limited to promoting: Awareness raising; Environmental education (trainings, debate, speeches); Public outreach and Public participation; Nature conservation and monitoring, conducting Research and Consulting stakeholders.