Project: “ Green schools, Cleaner environment, Healthier life “

The Aim of the  Project: “Green schools, Cleaner environment, Healthier life“ is to increase the level of the ecological knowledge of the primary schools from Struga ,Ohrid ,Bitola, Prilep, Pogradec and Korca.

  •  Through addressing the issues of insufficient environmental awareness and behavior among the primary schools in Albania, and Macedonia, with a specific focus on energy, waste and water degradation, the project aims at reaching a wider community in the targeted region. Apart from educational and awareness issues, the Project: “Green schools, Cleaner environment, Healthier life“ is expected directly to address also the actual environmental conditions at the school level through the actions undertaken by the students, guided by a developed project methodology and assisted by the involved NGOs.
  •  It strives to increase environmental awareness of pupils, staff and communities and to improve school environments through this. The schools are given the opportunity to create links with other schools, nationally and internationally, giving them the chance to share environmental education ideas and creating a means for cultural exchange.


   The objectives of the  Project are:  

  •  Improved curricula on environmental issues related to energy, waste and water in 16  schools 
  •  Schools capacities to implement the Manual and competences enhanced;
  •  Behavior changed and more environmental friendly attitude in schools;   


  •  Better environmental performance in schools through  small competitions and  campaigning;
  •  Increased cooperation among schools, parents, communities;
  •  Increased regional dialogue and networking through a   Cross-Border Regional Eco-  Schools Network.