1.Green Management Structure Established

In order to implement into practice the green school initiative the school first needs to establish a good and workable management structure that will lead the whole process. In that respect, we are suggesting the establishment of the following two bodies which will help in the actual realization of the project.

The first body is the Eco-club which is the driving force of this project and is consisted of students from various grades and teacher- coordinator of this group.

The eco-club should be completely involved in all above mentioned steps.Treat the children as active participants. They should also be involved in the decision making process.

The Eco Club could ensure the following:

•  the entire school knows about Eco-School initiative and will receive regular updates

•  develop, implement and monitor the school's environmental policy that addresses the environmental concerns of the school community

  take the lead in carrying out the initial and subsequent Green assessment

•  ensure that all members of the school community (especially pupils) are represented in the decision-making process

•  provide a link between pupils, teachers, senior management and the entire school community and, ideally, the Local Community, integrating the program within the School Development Plan and the Local Agenda;

The second body is the Eco-board or the decision making body.The eco-board also has very important role in the whole process. 

 Therefore, we are suggesting the following representatives to be part of your eco-board:

- School principal;
- The teacher-coordinator;
- Pupils-members of the eco-club;
- Representatives of the technical staff;
- Representative of the local community’
- Representatives of the parents’ association;              
- Representatives of the
  media; and
- Representatives from the local civil sector

The eco-board should be involved in the following school activities:

  1. To actively participate on the eco-board meetings contributing with their ideas, suggestions, solutions and etc.;
  2. To assist in the process of implementation of the 6 steps, when is possible;
  3. To promote the school work on the green school activities in their area of influence;