2. Green Assessment Analyses

This step is necessary if your school wants to make actual changes within the school. Before you plot your course of action you need to make an evaluation of the current situation.

The results of your Green Assessment will inform your Green Activity Plan; assisting your school to decide whether change is necessary, urgent, or not required at all. It will also help you to set realistic targets and measure your success.

The Green Assessment is crucial to understanding the current environmental situation in a school and provides the basis of the school's Green Activities.

Schools may first quantify the impacts for the theme they are working on (e.g. the amount of waste they are producing and sending to landfill, amount of paper they are consuming, amount of electricity they use, if they are recycling anything, litter black spots, etc.) 

The questionnaires will help you identify any issues that may be improved. By filling in the questionnaire you will gain a clear picture of the water and energy consumption and waste management in your school, and the area which requires your attention.