3.Green Activities Plan

Development of the plan of activities is one of the essential steps. It means that the school should develop a plan of activities in order to obtain specific and measurable results in the three mentioned areas of influence as “water”, “energy” and “waste”. Such plan will be developed by using the data obtained from the realization of the second step - the analysis of the water, energy and waste situation.

The plan of activities consists of scheduled goals that lead to improvement of the situation, and it should contain a list of set goals, deadlines and clearly delegated responsibilities to all involved parties. The goals you set in the plan of activities should be achievable and realistic. 

Here are some steps you may want to follow to draw up a successful action plan:

1.  Gather the results from your Green Assessment. Pick out topics that you want to tackle, e.g. litter on school grounds. Decide what kind of action you can take to improve these issues.

2.  Decide how you will measure success in achieving your objectives. Make sure it is something that you can measure, e.g. if tackling energy your measure could be a reduction in the school's energy bills.

3.  Negotiate timescales for each action. Is the target action to be achieved in the short, medium or longer term?

4.  Decide who is to be responsible for each action. Wherever possible, this should involve pupils.

5.  Include a section for monitoring any financial costs you may incur with your activities.

The eco-club will develop the plan of activities, and the eco-board will approve it.

In order to prepare the activity plan, please use the already prepared form of activity plan which is attached in this manual as appendix 5.