4. Training of trainers

School curricula and guidance  on the TOT event:

  1. Curricular framework for TOT- Korca and Pogradec region.pdf 
  2. Methedology and guidance on TOT event in Bitola,  
  3. Assessment of lectures on “Waste”- Korca and Pogradec (9-10 June 2014)
  4.    -see Report- Waste Lecture Report- ENG.pdf 

  4.Educational lecture in the Eco-incubator and visit to the Museum of Natural Science “D-r Nikola Nezlobinski”, Struga with the representatives from the primary schools of Korca and Pogradec. -see Report

Visit of the Green Schools in Struga .pdf 

  5. In the framework of the cross-border project "Green Schools; Clean environment, Healthier life" Biologists Albania in cooperation with DAR Korça and ZA Pogradec organized an environmental education activity "Green School; Clean environment, being healthier", with around 90 representatives from green schools in the region of Korça and Pogradec, as beneficiaries of this project. 

- See Report Final educational activity in Korca Report ENG.pdf