5. School activities & Implementation Process

Preparation for Grant Proposals

In the frame of project “Green Schools, Cleaner Environment, Healthier Life”, "ќBiologists of Albania " and OXO are organizing a closed competition in order to identify and promote  the green activities, related to the problems in the schools   with ecological character  as part of this project.  

Purpose of Grant proposals: The carrying out of one or more green activities from the 8 identified schools of each country, aiming at contributing to their green vision as it was built from ECO-clubs set at these schools.  

The amount indicated for each grant is 500 EUR.

-  Time frame for project implementation from 1 to 3 months

Starting date for project implementation: 15 September 2014, 15 October 2014 

The selection criteria for the proposals shall include:

-  RelevanceHow important and concrete is the problem addressed by the proposal for the schools and community? Does it help schools for their green visions?

-  FeasibilityTo what extent the proposed solution is doable within the amount of money available?

-  EfficiencyHow is it foreseen the use of human and financial resources? Have the schools identified other supporting opportunities (material, moral and/or financial) for its implementation?

-  ImpactWhat will be the short and long term impact of this project to the school and community? Will it help to improve the green image? Will the school be able to maintain such positive effects also after the finishing of the project?

-  Cost effectiveness:  - What will be the foreseen costs of activities? Are they effective and within the required limits?

In order to support schools for realization of the proposal, we have prepared  Guideline which was based on green schools’ manual. Project hopes and believes that it shall positively contribute in project preparation.  

 * In addition is sample of - Template for project proposal.pdf